Welcome to Scotch College Parent Support Groups

Scotch College recognises the service of each Parent Support Group and encourages the assistance offered by the Group. The aim of any Support Group is to further the educational endeavours of the School.

The Support Group's function is to:

  • support staff and students
  • develop public outreach and collegiality
  • when appropriate, provide financial support for items such as equipment

Support groups representatives meet twice a Term throughout the year to share information, discuss common issues and keep abreast of changes within the School. These meetings are chaired by the Director of Marketing, Advancement and Community Engagement, Mrs Kate Quinn.

Each Support Group should receive official and continued acknowledgment from the Headmaster. Acknowledgment establishes shared responsibilities between the Support Group and the School. This includes the appropriate use of the School’s name, facilities, resources and branding.

For more information on Support Groups, please contact Mrs Kate Quinn.

For more information regarding Parent Support Groups organising events on the Scotch College campus please contact Kate Quinn or Mel Colling.

For more information regarding Parent Support Groups organising events at the Scotch College Dining Room please contact Scotch Catering.

For more information regarding logistics for your Support Group event please contact Kale Tatam.